Black Spring EP

by Fossil

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"i met tommy not long after melissa broke my heart and split down south with danny. i'd heard tommy was from the wrong side of the trax, but they said the same about me, so it only made sense that we would meet. through him i met rachel and his girl beth. rachel was sleeping on the street then or with the older guys from the Red Door when they picked her up. i fell hard for her, she cut my heart open. tommy, beth, and rachel they became my home, my family, my best friends and worst enemies..."

these songs were made in the black spring of a life, during a dark rebirth, just before some of us saw the gets like that, good and bad, on and on, over and over it goes that way. and those weren't the best days or the worst nights. they were all just days and nights.
i'll c u soon. xoxo <3 foszil.


released January 22, 2013



all rights reserved


Fossil Texas

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Track Name: Tommy

talked to god on the corner
she told me life was a mess
time just theft and it can’t be kept
so I got blood on my hands and knocked on tommy’s door
we were so fucking poor how could i not want more

told tommy grab the money
steal the car
lets find our home
saw his dad choke his mom on a bathroom floor
life was brutal, life was a chore, it goes on and on
how could he not want something more

a mile past the county line
five thousand steps inside the devils time
our girls in the backseat
the pedal on the floor
the life we knew was over
only here and now
no before
how could we not want so much more

no more friday nights
no more black and blue midnights
rachel takes out the candy
we put the pills on our tongues
beth leans back and laughs, says, “we aint even that young,
but this life has just begun.”
Track Name: Kiss Another Day Goodbye
Kiss Another Day Goodbye

saw the rain on your face
then the tears comin down
melissa said she was goin out
meeting danny downtown
i didn’t know then that you wouldn’t come back
i didn’t know then then that was the end
that was that

held your hand the day your daddy passed
read to you from the books he read before he was dead
you told me you dreamt he was in heaven
but our dreams never come true
we just grow up and get tired
as old as the blues

and i don’t know how much longer
i can feel the way i feel and never cry
and i don't know how much longer
i can kiss another day goodbye

i remember that day on suicide bridge
watching the ghosts of yesterday
climb those muddy cliffs
we listened to the records that made us forget
you took my breath away and made me cry
when you said you were scared to die

and i forgive you god if you’re still there
i forgive this town and this rain that never goes away
i forgive you melissa wherever you are
and i forgive you danny for stealing her heart
i guess it was you and me and bad blood from the start
guess it was heaven and hell
guess its time that always tells
Track Name: For Rachel (The Bad Sleep Well)
For Rachel (The Bad Sleep Well)

we lived well
but life was rotten
they murdered everyone
and everyone was innocent

i was taken to heaven
and ran straight back to hell
you were right
the bad sleep well

one bullet to the brain
killed your old man
you found him lying there
his blood in the sand

so you fucked the pain away
when you ran out of tears
found every dirtbag in sight
and said it was love at first sight

i found you sleeping on the street
put your blood on my sheets
carved my neck with your teeth
it was meant to be

your favorite star always shines
your heart skips a beat
i’ll love you forever
this was meant to be

spent days in the rain
to wash it off faster
could get high if i want
but i won't fly higher
Track Name: Black Spring
Black Spring

they elected the president last night
and you ask me if i went to vote
i remind you that i was with you
we lit up that dust and stayed in to smoke

you ask me if the world will change
i tell you for us it won’t
we were born this way
and we’ll die this way
there’s only one way

“remember you used to hold me when I cried,” you'd said
i inhale, let out that heart-shaped smoke
as your eyes go red

so you slam the door
and put on that same song you played last night
you ain’t a beauty but i think you’re alright
that’s when i see the light

tommy and beth come through the back door
one month in hiding but they know the score
wheres the money, tommy barks
i smoked it to the core

rachel comes out
eyes bleeding
tommy panics, fires off a round
now rachel’s on the floor kneeling

beth screams out
tommy runs out the door
rachel on her knees
how’d we let it get this far

now i’m chasing down tommy
rachel in the backseat bleeding
beth holds her hand
they both start screaming

i pull onto dover street
beth starts to plead
he didn’t mean it, she cries
we gotta get help or rachel dies

but i’m long gone.
she’s too high to die
i’m too high to cry
so i’m outta the car and i don’t even know why

yelling at tommy to unlock the fucking door
i’ll tell him its not like before
then i’ll put a bullet in his skull
drag him in the dirt tell him this what livings for

we had a million years to get this right
so now its gonna end tonight
i’m screaming till my lungs bleed
think of beth and rachel and my heart starts to speed

feel the blood on rachels hip
remember the taste of her lips
imagine the bullet in tommy’s heart
this all went wrong from the start

now its juggernaut black
good kid gone bad
everyone dreams under one sky
but god never says hello
only good bye

rachel takes a breath
every one could be her last
this is what tommy did
how can i forgive

days on parker street
we were just kids, 11 or 12
no rain for miles
no thoughts of hell

good kids turn bad
but maybe those good kids can come back
so i put the gun away
pray the sun comes out to stay

we know these streets by all the mistakes we made of them

and now i see the end is comin soon
all the blood runnin lightning blue
and i loved you all this time
but now it’s done and this is goodbye

i take rachels hand
leave beth and tommy to be damned
rachels got nine lives
so we’re gonna get outta this alive

peel out onto the highway
listening for angels in her cries
digging for diamonds in her eyes
think of melissa
think of danny
think of tommy and beth
think of mom and grandma
and dad gripping his chest
where’s jamie and davie
and the gang from the party store
the old men in suits
who survived a thousand winters or more
where’s tim and will and pratt
and the carver street kids
the ones with swollen lips
and butterfly eyelids
wheres my brother and sister
how come they ain’t here
we could’ve been so much more
give us back all those years
and where’s god and the devil
to save me or damn me
i gotta feel something
before this life kills me
where’s ms. kim and the girls from the lake
the ones with the weed and the candy colored snakes
and where are you now
and where are we
the forgotten children
gods bastard sons
stay with me rachel
keep your eyes on the sun
mornings coming quick
and this’ll all be done