Mexico City Midnight EP

by Fossil

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write to me:

"i stole tess from frankie the week after my dad died. i actually didn't even know he was my dad. my mom told me who he was after i read his obituary in the paper. pure bad blood heartbreak. over the next few months she told me a little more, but most of it i had to piece together. found some dust and ash here, maybe an old foto, or a word from a stranger. i wandered the streets he might've haunted, picked up some pieces of his life from the gutter and from the men he owed money to, and he owed a lot of money.

things with tess went good for a little, then it all unravelled, and i split out west to the gold coast. broke my jaw fightin in uncle benny's alley. stayed away long enough to miss tess so much it hurt...but trouble always finds you. so you keep runnin."

here are some love letters to all the lost soulzzz - the ones dreaming of 3am highway bliss. here's to the bright nights and better days. i had to say this. i had to paint this broken picture of a life. thanx for listenin. i love u. if i don't c u again...xoxo fozzil


released March 28, 2013

words & voice by Fossil

all the beats, loops, and samples that were twisted and cut up and burnt down to ash in order to make this wounded recording were found. some were buried in the dirt, others were found on half-broken machines, some were hiding in heartbreak alley's, lying like dead things on the side of the road, or howling from those old records that won't stop spinning in my brain.



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Fossil Texas

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Track Name: Night Drive
mom told me everything that dies someday comes back
dad used to sing it to her in her sleep
so i got drunk and carved it on my chest when i found out he died last week
it's the memory not the pain that'll make you weep

3am highway bliss
first night drive with tess
she's a midnight blue goth chick
pitch black lipstick
she writes poems for sid viscous

she's sweet 16 rocking diamond blue candy rings
and the broken radio plays an old song frankie used to sing
everything that dies someday comes back
but you already knew that

took tess to see my daddy's grave on south elm
i remember these streets by all the mistakes we made on em
we break bread with my daddy's ghost and thats the only time i ever get to talk to him

i tell tess how me and frankie skinned our knees on company  hill
while my old man was dodging bullets outside a fifth street cheap hotel
didn't even know he was around
didn't know he was my dad till they put him in the ground

tess said she cried when her brother came back from the middle east
one arm
a jaw full of broken teeth
said they dropped a bomb on school children dancing in the street
how can that ever let him be

On st. patty's day mom said dad kissed her after he landed that job
all night long they ran victory laps around the city of god
30 days of heaven then sun went out
and dad was back on the streets begging for another chance to make his life count

so now i talk to god on pay phone's on the way home
ask him where he's been and why he left us all alone
and if he can see everything then he should take a look at my mom
he should give us back our dad and i never would've written this song.

mom said daddy died of a broken heart 
but i heard he died over 20 dollars in the back of midnight luke's shop
three bullets in the chest
one to the brain
some shrapnel in his ribcage
nothing here'll ever change

dad had a taste for bad luck and black rain
mom said from the start him and i were the same
i took a picture of her scattering his ashes in the rain
his body burnt to dust but you cant burn away the pain

now all this bad blood runs black and blue
my mom don't smile like she used to
its ok bloodshot eyes are what i'm used to 
and i promise i wont leave her cause thats what she's used to

she said daddy was half angel half devil
and when he drank he got mean
he didn't care for her
he didn't care for me
but at night i still close my eyes and pray to the darkness that he might come save me
Track Name: Fourth of July
fourth of july
high as the midnight sky
tess shining
reflections of fireworks exploding in her eye

"i love you" she says "i'm glad your here"
and that's all i ever wanted to hear

tess takes my hand
we go out back
frankie's in the driveway sitting in his truck
dead drunk
how'd we let it get this fucked

frankie looks at me
then looks at tees and starts to cry
these last days have just been a long good bye

"you don't know him like i do" tess says "he's got a good heart"
she's never seen his violent part
and there's no stopping him once he starts

"someday i'll miss you" i wanna tell frankie
but i love tess too much to give this up

tess walks out to frankie's truck
frankie looks at her
then i hear the glass break
frankie swings the bottle at tess just missing her face
then he's outta the car running out to the lake
pure bad blood heartbreak
there's only so much a man can take

i wish i could give it all away
make this ok
but this how it is
tess makes me wanna live

i walk tess downtown
we smoke a joint
she starts to frown
she says "i wanna burn this town down"

i tell her there's nothing wrong and give her a kiss
blue gloss smeared across my lips
i tell her she makes me wanna live
she says she just wants to forget

i walk her to her daddy's house
her stepmom's drinking on the porch
she gives me a look
asks tess "what did you bring him round here for"

we sit out back
listening to fireworks color sky
i tell her it's ok
she starts to cry
"i love you" she says "and i got no idea why"

i wish i could just go back
live the life we never had
meet my daddy
make it alright with frankie
rewind every sound
and take tess so far from this town
Track Name: The Times They Never Change
left san marcos for the coast
days and nights passing out the window in a blur
and every song reminding me of her

stole tess from frankie the week I lost my dad
everything was good for a while then it went bad

got tess pregnant in frankie's bed
he caught us in there
told me I was good as dead

see frankie taught me how to walk and talk
taught me how to pick up the pieces when you break law

we'd known each other since we were kids
rolled around in the dirt
no cares
pure bliss

frankie knew cinnamon girls with sunburned hair
he talked to them in rhymes
and they gave him those million mile stares

but tess was the only one that could cut me to ribbons
she left me with blood stains
she painted pictures of my pain

and when we lost our baby i fled to cali
didn't stop crying till i got to uncle benny's alley
84 weeks of backstreet brawls
broken jaws
benny told me i was one of the best fighters he ever saw

i saved enough money to drive back in that new car
cadillac and chrome
showed it to my mom
she just cried and asked where i'd been for so long

she showed me the letters tess wrote
said she missed me and asked why i left her alone

so i found tess on dover street on the fifth of may
her black hair was blonde
i told her i missed her every day

she said frankie was in galveston working with one eye ray
other than that the town was the same

i kissed her cheek
told her i'd never leave again
she looked at the ground started to cry and took my hand

she told me that she called my mom every day i was gone
and she was worried life was just too long

we sat in her car and listened to bob dylan as it rained
she said if dylan were alive today he'd write a song called The Times They Never Change

wish you could've seen my eyes when i found out you didn't say goodbye

called your mom she said you were gone
i felt like i was back in that foster home

spent days sitting on company hill writing letters to you
looking out over our town
thinking i might see you

then frankie came around
and said you weren't comin back
he'd sit outside my house some nights
singing johnny cash

i wish you knew i just wanted you
had nightmares that you left this town and left me too
woke up and you were still gone
only bad dreams come true

but you had to do what you had to do
i love you too much to not forgive you
but some nights it was easier to just forget you

but you aren't the only one who lost someone
my mom died when i was young
no one ever braided my hair
told me how much they cared

maybe we can be better somehow
build a life raft
sail off to some ghost town

but you can't leave me alone again
you can't let go of my hand
you have to help me build this island

maybe you need me more than i need you
see these times they never change but we do
and even when it all ends i'll still love you
Track Name: Mexico City Midnight
dear dad,
today mom and i climbed company hill in the rain
you should've seen it
it was beautiful
we looked out over the whole town and shouted your name
we've been doin it for three years now like its some sort of game
but mom tells me to just look in the mirror and i'll see your face

sometimes i have this dream where you're alive and well
you're cleaning my knees
telling mom your dreams
tossing gold coins in a wishing well
but mom says you died and went to hell
and if that's the only way i get to see you then ill be as bad as you
so i can to be with you as well

i met a girl down here named tess 
she's got deep sea eyes and her raven hair's a mess
she's pretty as mom in that sun dress
and you'd love the way she sings along to the radio
cause mom said music was only thing that meant a thing to you

but thats about all she says about you
mostly she just stares off
true blue
maybe dreaming of what life could've been with or without you

and mostly i just stare off too
pretending you're out there
and this life isn't the only one we ever knew

me and tess we were gonna have a baby
but we lost it like we lost you
and sometimes i think its just meant to be this way
long nights and short days
rain falling through the sunlight
night dreams of running away

but i went through a box in the attic last night
and found something that made me think things were once alright
it was a photo of you and mom taken down south
far from these burned out texas lights
in the picture you're holding her close
the two of u are dancing in the street
faded blacks
bright whites
dancing in that mexico city midnight

so if i could go back i wouldn't let you get in that car
i'd tell luke you were home sick
take your bad luck and burn it in the back yard
you'd tell mom you'd stay home
you'd listen to a record
dream of a better life
new days
bright nights
kiss her forehead and tell us its gonna be alright

and if i had known you dad i would've loved you
it doesn't matter that you left me
that's the way it was
i still got these dreams and fake memories
and that's the way it's gonna be
cause without you there'd be no me

but theres a song comin on the radio now that tess and frankie used to sing
so im gonna shut up
turn it up
ill say goodbye
see you soon
ps i love u